Dirty Exterior? Messy Interior?

Dirty Exterior? Messy Interior?

Come to us for a thorough car wash by hand in Texarkana, AR

Maybe the outside of your truck is covered in mud. Maybe you accidentally dropped more than a few crumbs inside of your car. No matter why you need to clean up your car, you can trust our team to take care of everything. Head to Super Splash right away in Texarkana, AR. Our car wash by hand will make your vehicle shine again, while our vacuuming will clean out its interior.

Choose from our 4 car washing options

Whether your car needs a little touchup or a deep cleaning, we've got it covered. Each of our cleaning packages include car washing and car vacuuming services.

You can choose from a:

1. Hand wash and vacuum: Window cleaning and dusting
2. Splash wash: Window cleaning, dusting and tire shining
3. Wet wax: Window cleaning, glossing, air freshening and tire shining
4. Hand wax: Window cleaning, glossing, air freshening, tire shining and dress up

Prices for your car wash by hand start at $24. For additional fees, we can wash away or vacuum stubborn messes like old window art or pet hair. If you think you need extra intensive car cleaning or car vacuuming services, call us right away.