Find Out About Our Cost-Cutting Programs

Find Out About Our Cost-Cutting Programs

Earn discounts or book unlimited car washes as a regular client in Texarkana, AR

Does your car need to be cleaned frequently? Do you like to save some money on your car washes? If so, you'll like Super Splash. We have a two-tier car wash loyalty program in Texarkana, AR.

If you join our program, you can get:

30 wet wax appointments for just $510
30 splash wax appointments for just $420
30 wash and vacuum appointments for just $360

Visit the Standard Services page now for more information about our wet wax, splash wax and wash and vacuum services.

Sign up for all the car washes you need

If you're more interested in saving with a month-to-month car wash loyalty program, you can sign up for unlimited car washes. You can register with one vehicle for as many visits as you need each month.

Our prices are:

$109.95 for the wet wax program
$89.95 for the splash wax program
$79.95 for the wash and vacuum program

Call 870-779-9274 right away to set up your services. You can also email us about our loyalty program or unlimited car washes.