Restore That New-Car Feeling

Restore That New-Car Feeling

Our exterior or interior car detailing will refresh your car in Texarkana, AR

When you drive a car for the first time, you notice the details. The shine on the outside, the spotless upholstery on the inside. After a while, though, your car starts to feel old.

If you're wondering how to make your car look new again, you can bring it to Super Splash in Texarkana, AR. Our exterior and interior car detailing professionals can clean your car, truck or other vehicle until it shines like new. Turn to our crew today. Call 870-779-9274 now to schedule interior car detailing services, exterior services or both.

Discover what we can do for you

You can tell us exactly how you want to make your car look new again. Do you want to refresh your whole vehicle? Maybe you just need to clean specific areas like your wheels, carpet or headlights.

Either way, you can trust us to take on the task. We can:

Polish your wheels
Shampoo your carpet and upholstery
Clean your headlights
Condition your leather
Vacuum your floor mats

Come to us for vehicle detailing services right away. You'll drive away from our shop in a vehicle that feels brand-new.